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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Justice Reinvestment Officers


770 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio  43222

Purpose of the Justice Reinvestment Officers (JRO)

Eight Parole Officers from the Ohio Adult Parole Authority have been identified throughout the state to serve as Justice Reinvestment Officers (JRO).  The designated officers report to the Deputy Director’s office through the APA special assignment policy.
The JRO’s primary function is to provide credible information to the court of common pleas to identify suitable offenders for supervised release (including: judicial release, transitional control, and provisions within House Bill 86).  In addition, the JROs are working to bridge gaps between parole and prison operations.

JRO Duties

The duties of this assignment will include:
·         Serve as a liaison between the courts and DRC
·         Work in conjunction with unit management to best assess eligibility and suitability
·         Incorporate risk to reoffend into each decision point
·         Craft a product tailored to meet the information needs of the Court
·         Facilitate the reentry of the inmates released
·         Collect data
Justice Reinvestment Officers can provide information to the court pertaining to:
·         Program participation
·         Residential placement options in the community
·         Employment opportunities
·         Security Threat Group classification
·         Security level
·         Risk to reoffend (ORAS)
·         Input from staff (including unit management) at parent institution
·         Rules Infraction Board (RIB)
·         Institution Summary Report (ISR)
·         Instant offense
·         Criminal history
·         Victims
·         Transitional Control
·         Interstate Compact
·         Sentence Computation, detainers and records
·         And, overall facilitate communication with all facets of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


Suzanne Brooks
Parole Program Administrator