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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction 2009 Employee Excellence Awards

DRC Employee of the Year

Rick Chuvalas, Southeastern Correctional Institution

Photo of Rick Chuvalas

Rick Chuvalas, Warden's Assistant at the Southeastern Correctional Institution (SCI), has been selected as the DRC Employee of the Year for 2009.  Mr. Chuvalas is known as the ambassador for not only SCI, but the Department as well.  As the Public Information Officer at the facility, Rick has a way of generating positive press through his professional relationships with the local media.  He has also established relationships with other local community partners, ensuring that SCI is known as a good neighbor in the community.  During his career, Rick has acquired an extensive knowledge about the operations of the facility and of the Department. This knowledge and experience has made him a natural mentor to many and a natural leader in the field of corrections.  

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Correction Officer of the Year

James Burns, OSP

Photo of James Burns

Corrections Officer James Burns from the Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) was selected by his peers as the winner of the prestigious award.  Officer Burns has been with DRC since 1998 and is often recognized for his contributions to safety and security at OSP.  He serves on RIB, assists unit management with security reviews, and is an active member of the STG committee. He is known at OSP for his leadership and the ability to motivate others.  Recently, in an effort to prevent an attack on his partner, Officer Burns tried to get the attention of a level 5B inmate who door was mistakenly opened.  Officer Burns was stabbed ten times during this incident but may have saved the life of his partner. In addition to his selfless acts at work, he also works in food pantries, visits the elderly and veterans in nursing homes, and volunteers for the Special Olympics, among many other charitable activities. 


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Parole Officer of the Year

Michael Hein, Cincinnati APA

Parole Officer of the Year Michael Hein

A true team player, Officer Hein supervised two full compact caseloads during the 6 week absence of another Officer.  He was tremendously helpful to his supervisor and did an incredible job at keeping things organized and up-to-date on all offenders. He stepped up to a challenging situation and completed all compact placements, weekly staffing and office visits without complaint.

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DPCS Employee of the Year

Dr. Ronald Olah, Psychologist, Columbus and Lima APA

DPCS Employee of the Year Dr. Ronald Olah

Dr. Ronald Olah is the Psychologist for the Columbus and Lima Regions of the APA, and he also provides Psychological support for the Mansfield Region as well.  He does an excellent job as a Regional Psychologist and is a true team player.  Dr. Olah volunteered to facilitate the first Sex Offender Intervention group and serves on the local "Changing Perceptions" committee to help improve offender services.  He conducts Project Heal training to help staff deal with and reduce stress, and is a primary responder on the CIST team.

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Teacher of the Year

Michael Peck

Teacher of the Year Michael Peck

Michael Peck, Ohio Reformatory for Women, was named the Ohio Teacher of the Year by the Correctional Education Association.

Mr. Peck has been employed as a special education teacher for the past eight years.  He has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Cedarville University and a Master of Education from Wright State University.  Mr. Peck has been active in CEA-O since 2004.  Among his many outside community activities, he has assisted with the State Special Olympics, the Union County American Red Cross, and the State Council of Professional Educators as site representative.  

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Training Officer of the Year

Vikki Estell, Corrections Training Academy

Photo of Vikki Estell

Victoria Estell, CTA Training Officer, was recognized as the recipient of the 2009 Wiley R. Human Training Officer of the Year Award. Vikki began her career in 1975 with the Orient State Institute as a Nursing Associate. Vikki came to DRC in 1987 as a Correction Officer at Orient Correctional Institution (OCI). She was then promoted to Training Officer at OCI in 2000. In 2002, Vikki transferred to Scioto Juvenile Correctional Facility with the Department of Youth Services as a Training Officer. In 2003, Vikki returned back to DRC as a Training Officer at CTA.

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Medical Services Employee of the Year

Kimberly Rose, HCF

Photo of Kim Rose

Kimberly Rose, Hocking Correctional Facility, is the 2009 Medical Services Employee of the Year. Ms. Rose is being recognized for many things,including her perseverance and diligence that has resulted in an excellent medication process.  She is to be commended for her work with an out-of-state pharmacy and her efforts in implementing a process for ordering, receiving, and dispensing medications. She is considered dependable, displays leadership and has excellent interpersonal skills and is also continuing her pursuit of an RN degree.

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Mental Health Services Employee of the Year

Debra Rable, OCF

Photo of Debra Rable

Debra Rable, Oakwood Correctional Facility, is the 2009 Mental Health Employee of the Year.  Ms. Rable was selected for excellent work and responsibility in coordinating the operational standards for two accrediting bodies. In addition to these standards, she has been responsible for the entire quality improvement program for Medical, Mental Health, and Recovery Services at her institution. In addition, she is recognized for her strong work ethic and the many hours spent developing lesson plans, reviewing specialized standards and educating staff.

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Recovery Services Employee of the Year

Louanna Gladman, SOCF

Photo of LouAnna Gladman

Louanna Gladman, Recovery Service Counselor at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, is the ODRC Recovery Services Counselor of the Year for 2009.  Mrs. Gladman was honored at the Office of Correctional Health Care Conference which was held October 15, 2009.  Mrs. Gladman recently received her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Lindsey Wilson College and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology from Walton University. .

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