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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction OCSS - Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Vision Statement

Denise Justice, Superintendent

Denise L. Justice
OCSS Superintendent

It is the vision of the Ohio Central School System that all inmates of the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction will be provided the necessary academic, job training and social/emotional skills required for successful re-entry to society as effective, participating and productive citizens.

Mission Statement

The Ohio Department of Education under Revised Code 3313.61 formally chartered the Ohio Central School System in April 1973. This charter provides the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction with quality programming and the Ohio Central School System the authority to seek additional federal funding. The Chartered School District enables the department to provide a comprehensive, thorough education program that addresses the needs of the vastly under-educated and under-skilled inmates. These services include: Adult Basic Literacy Education, General Educational Development (GED), Adult High School, Apprenticeship Training, Library Services, Special Education, Vocational Education, and other educational programs as directed by the needs of the inmate population.


The Ohio Central School System subscribes to the principles of American democracy, including a genuine belief in the paramount importance of the dignity and worth of all individuals. The basic purpose of American education is to perpetuate and improve this democratic society in which it exists. In keeping with the above precepts, correctional education maintains the mission of providing for the fullest possible development of each participant’s talents and potentialities, in order that they might participate more effectively in the cultural, political, social and economic life of this society.

The Ohio Central School System acknowledges that each student is different in terms of his/her education needs and desires and should be dealt with on the basis of these individual differences. Programs, therefore, will be designed to serve this multiplicity of differences. It is believed that participation in meaningful educational programs will elicit both behavioral and attitudinal change. While such participation is, in part, voluntary, individuals are counseled and encouraged to participate in those education endeavors that will most effectively aid them in strengthening self-image, creating positive attitude and developing or increasing the quantity and quality of coping skills needed to successfully re-enter today’s highly complex and technical society.

Assessment of the quality and relevance of educational content and practice shall be continuous. Every effort must be concerted to discover the most successful instructional methods for each student’s individual educational needs.

The Ohio Central School System adheres to the statement: "Equal Educational Opportunities are offered without regard to Race, Color, National Origin, Sex or Disability." The Ohio Central School System offers many educational programs that comply with the ideals of the charter, vision, mission and philosophy.