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Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section 5149.10 created the Parole Board as a section within the Adult Parole Authority consisting of up to twelve (12) members, including the Chair.  The members are appointed by the Director of the DRC, and must be qualified by education or experience in correctional work, including law enforcement, prosecution of offenses, advocating for the rights of victims of crime, probation or parole, in law, in social work, or in a combination of the three categories.  Members, except the Chair and the Victim Representative, appointed after September 30, 2011, will be subject to term limits of two (2) six (6) year terms.  The Director, in consultation with the Governor, must appoint one individual to the Board who is a victim of crime, a member of a victim’s family, or who represents an organization that advocates for the rights of victims of crime.   The Parole Board currently consists of twelve members whose primary statutory duties include conducting release consideration hearings on all parole eligible inmates and providing clemency recommendations to the Governor.

ORC section 5149.10 also provides for “any other personnel that are necessary for the orderly performance of the duties of the board.”   Additional Parole Board personnel include a staff of 14 Hearing Officers, including three supervisory Chief Hearing Officers.  The primary statutory duties of the Hearing Officers are to assess all inmates sentenced after July 1, 1996, and determine whether or not Post Release Control will be required after release, and to conduct field violation hearings to determine if violations of the conditions of supervision have occurred and recommend an official response to the violations.

There are also 22 Parole Officers assigned to the Parole Board.  These officers assist in preparing hearing materials, submit Transitional Control recommendations and conduct clemency investigations.  They are headquartered at various correctional institutions throughout the state, and are supervised by four Quality Assurance analysts.

Administrative staff of the Parole Board includes an Executive Assistant, three Criminal Justice Planning Specialists, and two support staff.  These staff are integral in ensuring the orderly processing and administration of the Parole Board’s duties and functions.

To submit an email concerning an Offender's Parole Board Hearing, please fill out and submit the Parole Board Email form.