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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Frontloading

Frontloading involves the Parole Board Parole Officer (PBPO) completing an assessment on an offender in order to identify needs and to provide information prior to release to the offender regarding available community services to address those needs. Frontloading also involves the PBPO providing information obtained about an offender during that meeting to the supervising officer, to assist the officer in developing supervision activities.

A frontloading session involves the PBPO:

  • Reviewing the score on each domain as identified in a risk assessment tool;

  • Prioritizing areas of concern by risk;

  • Documenting program participation/completion while in prison;

  • Documenting recommendations and other relevant information (mental health, medical);

  • Providing a Reentry Resource Sheet (a list of agencies and/or community programs) for an offender’s approved county of residence;

  • Providing a workbook to the offender to complete and bring to the first office visit with his or her supervising officer.  

The following criteria are utilized in order to determine if an offender will receive a frontloading assessment prior to release:

  • An ORAS Supplemental Reentry Tool (SRT) or Reentry Tool (RT) with a score of High (parole/PRC);

  • Transitional Control offenders will not be frontloaded prior to transfer to the HWH;

  • Interstate Compact or halfway house approved placements will not be frontloaded prior to release.