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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction DRC - Policies

It is the policy of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to develop and maintain current and meaningful policies and operations manuals. Department policies are public information and are available for viewing.

Questions concerning Department policies should be directed to Jondrea Parrish at 614-752-1819 or by e-mail at Jondrea.Parrish@odrc.state.oh.us


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Subject Policy Number

Department Directives 01-COM-01.pdf
Department Forms 01-COM-02.pdf
Correspondence Referred by Director's Office 01-COM-03.pdf
Monthly Staff Meetings 01-COM-04.pdf
Community and Criminal Justice Partnerships 01-COM-05.pdf
Institution Reporting Requirements 01-COM-06.pdf
Incident Reporting and Notification 01-COM-08.pdf
Media Policy 01-COM-09.pdf
Departmental Honor Guard 01-COM-10.pdf
Execution 01-COM-11.pdf
DRC Public Relations 01-COM-12.pdf
Media Policy - Death Row and Executions 01-COM-13.pdf 

Re-entry Initiatives
Prison Reentry Assessment and Planning 02-REN-01.pdf
Reentry Programs 02-REN-02.pdf
Certificate of Achievement and Employability 02-REN-05.pdf
Office of Enterprise Development Advisory Board and Partnerships 02-REN-06.pdf

Office of Victim Services
Crime Victim Services 03-OVS-01.pdf
Victim Offender Dialogue 03-OVS-02.pdf
Victim Coordinators 03-OVS-03.pdf
Victim Awareness Program 03-OVS-05.pdf
Victim Involvement in the Execution Process 03-OVS-06.pdf
Domestic Violence Programming 03-OVS-07.pdf

Community Justice Initiatives
Community Service 04-CMJ-03.pdf

Office of Information and Technology Systems
Hardware and Software Management 05-OIT-01.pdf
LEADS Access and Control 05-OIT-02.pdf
Boundary Security 05-OIT-03.pdf
IT Project Process 05-OIT-08.pdf
Ohio Local Law Enforcement Information-Sharing Network 05-OIT-09.pdf
Internet, Electronic Mail, and Online Services Use 05-OIT-10.pdf
Inmate Access to Computers 05-OIT-11.pdf
Telecommunication Services 05-OIT-12.pdf
Disaster Recovery Planning 05-OIT-13.pdf
Information Technology Security Incident Response 05-OIT-14.pdf
Portable Computing 05-OIT-15.pdf
Using Personal Smartphones to Conduct State Business 05-OIT-16.pdf
Information Technology Systems Password and Account Security 05-OIT-17.pdf
Malicious Software Code or Program Security Requirements 05-OIT-18.pdf
DRC Information Technology Biennial Planning 05-OIT-19.pdf
DRC Information Technology Security Awareness 05-OIT-20.pdf
Inventory, Donation, Transfer, & Disposal of DRC IT Hardware and Software 05-OIT-21.pdf
DRC IT Software Contractor Requirements 05-OIT-22.pdf
DRC Sensitive Data Security Requirements 05-OIT-23.pdf
Department of Administrative Services, Office of Information Technology Oversight of DRC Information Technology 05-OIT-24.pdf
Standardized Procedures to Report DRC IT Incidents, Problems, and Issues and Request DRC IT Products and Services 05-OIT-25.pdf

Research Approval Process 06-RES-01.pdf
Human Subjects Research Policy 06-RES-02.pdf

Offender Records
Records Management Program 07-ORD-01.pdf
Public Records 07-ORD-02.pdf
Record Office File 07-ORD-03.pdf
Inmate Name Change 07-ORD-04.pdf
Cooperation with Court and Interagency Records Request 07-ORD-05.pdf
Access to DYS Information 07-ORD-06.pdf
Sex Offender Registration 07-ORD-07.pdf
Photo Identification System (Offenders) 07-ORD-08.pdf
Inmate Education Records 07-ORD-09.pdf
Confidentiality of Medical, Mental Health, and Recovery Services Information 07-ORD-11.pdf
Bureau of Sentence Computation Legal File 07-ORD-12.pdf
Inmate Master Record 07-ORD-13.pdf
Reinstatement of Medicaid for Public Institution Recipients 07-ORD-14.pdf
Record Expungement/Sealing of Records 07-ORD-15.pdf

Management Audits
Internal Management Audits 08-MAU-01.pdf
DP&CS: Management Audits 08-MAU-02.pdf
Bureau of Community Sanctions Program Audit Process 08-MAU-03.pdf

Surveillance 09-INV-01.pdf
Director's Subpoenas 09-INV-02.pdf
Special Investigations 09-INV-03.pdf
Institution Investigator 09-INV-04.pdf
Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA) 09-INV-05.pdf
DRC Investigation Policy 09-INV-07.pdf

Workplace Safety and Environmental Mandates
Tobacco-Free Workplace 10-SAF-01.pdf
Respirator Use, Selection, Training 10-SAF-03.pdf
Fire Prevention and Safety 10-SAF-05.pdf
Safety and Health Procedures Within the Ohio Central School System 10-SAF-06.pdf
Building and Safety Codes 10-SAF-07.pdf
Health and Safety Inspections 10-SAF-08.pdf
Safety and Health Committee 10-SAF-09.pdf
Confined Space 10-SAF-10.pdf
The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) 10-SAF-11.pdf
Hazard Communications and Chemical Control Guidelines 10-SAF-12.pdf
Regulated Waste Management Decontamination of Medical & Dental Equipment 10-SAF-13.pdf
Injury Prevention 10-SAF-14.pdf
Employee Accident Reporting and Analysis 10-SAF-15.pdf
Staff Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens 10-SAF-16.pdf
Electrical Safety in the Workplace 10-SAF-17.pdf
APA Safety and Fire Prevention Plan 10-SAF-18.pdf

Central Office Operations
Central Office Security 11-COP-01.pdf
Central Office - Areas of Responsibility 11-COP-02.pdf

Corrections Training Academy Operations
Corrections Training Academy Communications 12-CTA-01.pdf
Quarterly Management Inspections 12-CTA-02.pdf
Fire Safety for the Corrections Training Academy 12-CTA-03.pdf
First Aid and Health-Related Crisis Response 12-CTA-04.pdf
Corrections Training Academy Food Service Operations 12-CTA-05.pdf
Corrections Training Academy - Facility Access 12-CTA-06.pdf
Mission and Goal Development 12-CTA-07.pdf
Superintendent Authority Administration & Management 12-CTA-08.pdf

Facilities Maintenance
Prison Construction/Expansion 21-CAM-01.pdf
OPI Construction Guidelines 21-CAM-02.pdf
Design Procedures 21-CAM-03.pdf
Real Estate Policy 21-CAM-04.pdf
Construction Bidding and Contract 21-CAM-05.pdf
Demolition of Structure on Institution Property 21-CAM-06.pdf
Construction Process 21-CAM-07.pdf
Capital Improvement Projects Planning and Pre-Design Process 21-CAM-08.pdf
Close Out and Contract Completion 21-CAM-09.pdf

Business Operations
Employee Housing 22-BUS-01.pdf
Employee Activity Fund 22-BUS-03.pdf
Travel Policy 22-BUS-04.pdf
Grants Coordination Policy 22-BUS-06.pdf
Internal Audits: Financial and Commissary Audits 22-BUS-07.pdf
Inventory Control of Property, Supplies and other Assets 22-BUS-08.pdf
Procurement Procedures for Supplies, Services, and Information Technology DAS-09-21.pdf
Contractor Review Procedures 22-BUS-10.pdf
Internal Control of Fiscal Activity within the Department 22-BUS-11.pdf
IACP - Field Staff Accountability 22-BUS-13.pdf
Purchased Services Contracting 22-BUS-14.pdf
Bid Protests 22-BUS-15.pdf
Communication with Bidders 22-BUS-16.pdf
Energy Conservation and Waste Reduction 22-BUS-17.pdf

Staffing Requirements 23-BUD-01.pdf
Participation in Budget Planning 23-BUD-02.pdf
Capital Project Budgeting and Administration 23-BUD-03.pdf
Fiscal Planning, Budgeting and Accounting Procedures 23-BUD-04.pdf
Strategic Planning and Program Budgeting 23-BUD-05.pdf
Program Budget Allocation Control & Revisions 23-BUD-06.pdf

I & E Funds for Outside Entertainment 24-CAS-01.pdf
Control and Security of Cash, Checks & Other Funds 24-CAS-03.pdf
External Fund Establishment and Control 24-CAS-04.pdf
Commissary Operations 24-CAS-05.pdf
Collection Process for Child Support Orders Against Inmates 24-CAS-06.pdf
Collection Process for a Court Order to Pay a Stated Obligation 24-CAS-07.pdf
Inmate Refund Check 24-CAS-08.pdf

Ohio Penal Industries
Institutional and OPI Citations, Edicts or Mandates 25-OPI-01.pdf
Ohio Penal Industries Marketing and Sales 25-OPI-02.pdf
Establishment of New Industries 25-OPI-03.pdf
OPI Leadership and Direction 25-OPI-04.pdf
OPI Sales Center Security 25-OPI-05.pdf
Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program 25-OPI-06.pdf
OPI Interaction with Outside Sources 25-OPI-07.pdf
Material Resource Planning 25-OPI-08.pdf
OPI Customer Purchase Order and Sales 25-OPI-09.pdf
OPI Quality Assurance Function 25-OPI-10.pdf
OPI Inmate Compensation and Benefits 25-OPI-11.pdf
OPI Fiscal Reporting 25-OPI-12.pdf

Standards for Employees
Ethics 31-SEM-01.pdf
Employee Standards of Conduct 31-SEM-02.pdf
Drug-Free Workplace 31-SEM-03.pdf
Employee Random Drug Testing 31-SEM-04.pdf
Political Practices 31-SEM-05.pdf
Departmental Dress Code 31-SEM-06.pdf
Unauthorized Relationships 31-SEM-07.pdf
Response to Workplace Violence and Workplace Domestic Violence 31-SEM-08.pdf
Employee Tuberculosis Skin Testing 31-SEM-09.pdf
Outside Employment 31-SEM-10.pdf

Equal Employment Opportunity Programs and Requirements
Anti-Discrimination Policy 32-EEO-01.pdf
Sexual Harassment Policy 32-EEO-02.pdf
Americans with Disabilities Act, Title I (Employment) 32-EEO-03.pdf
Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Compliance 32-EEO-04.pdf

Employee Records
Personnel Files 33-ERD-01.pdf
Performance Reviews 33-ERD-02.pdf
Photo Identification System - Staff 33-ERD-04.pdf

Requirements for Hiring and Promoting Employees
Nepotism 34-PRO-01.pdf
Job Descriptions and Job Qualifications 34-PRO-02.pdf
Job Minimum Qualifications 34-PRO-03.pdf
Procedures for Review and Selection of Applicants 34-PRO-04.pdf
Correction Officer Contractual Selection Policy 34-PRO-06.pdf
Background Investigations 34-PRO-07.pdf
Interim Appointments 34-PRO-08.pdf
Initial Probationary Periods 34-PRO-09.pdf

Employee Pay, Timekeeping, and Overtime Issues
Overtime 35-PAY-01.pdf
FLSA Overtime Exempt Employees 35-PAY-02.pdf
Overtime for FLSA Eligible Non Bargaining Unit Employees 35-PAY-03.pdf
Payroll and Timekeeping Procedures 35-PAY-04.pdf
PIN Punching & Prox ID Cards 35-PAY-05.pdf
SEIU/District 1199 Overtime Policy 35-PAY-06.pdf
1199 Recruitment and Retention Supplement 35-PAY-07.pdf
Alternative Work Schedule Procedure 35-PAY-08.pdf
Telecommuting Procedures 35-PAY-09.pdf
Leave Without Pay and Unpaid Leave of Absence 35-PAY-10.pdf
Trial 1199 B.U. Voluntary Cost Savings Program 35-PAY-12.pdf

Employee Leave Benefits and Related Mandates
Family Medical Leave Act 36-LEV-02.pdf
Policy for Monitoring Administrative Leave 36-LEV-03.pdf
Military Services Leave/Notice Requirement 36-LEV-04.pdf
Return to Work Partnership Program 36-LEV-05.pdf
Disability Review and Separation 36-LEV-06.pdf
Nursing Mothers 36-LEV-07.pdf

Employee Assistance and Support Programs
Employee Assistance Program 37-EAP-01.pdf
Critical Incident Stress Management 37-EAP-02.pdf
Legal Representation and Assistance 37-EAP-03.pdf
Insurance Coverage for Employees 37-EAP-04.pdf
Exempt Employee Grievance Procedure 37-EAP-07.pdf

Continuing Employee Development Opportunities
Tuition Reimbursement for Exempt Employees 38-CED-01.pdf
Educational Leave 38-CED-04.pdf
Internship Guidelines 38-CED-05.pdf
College & University Partnerships 38-CED-06.pdf

Employee Training
In-Service Training 39-TRN-02.pdf
Safety Standards for Training 39-TRN-03.pdf
Training Lesson Plans 39-TRN-04.pdf
Training Advisory Councils - Organization and Responsibilities 39-TRN-05.pdf
Standards for Training Personnel and Instructors 39-TRN-06.pdf
Training Record Keeping 39-TRN-09.pdf
Orientation Training 39-TRN-10.pdf
Contractor Orientation 39-TRN-12.pdf
Leadership Training 39-TRN-14.pdf
APA Firearms Training 39-TRN-15.pdf

Prison Administration
Inmate Communication/Weekly Rounds 50-PAM-02.pdf
Back to Basics 50-PAM-03.pdf
Institution Leadership and Direction 50-PAM-04.pdf

Assignment of Prison Staff
Institution Working Alone Policy 51-STF-04.pdf
Assignment of Female Correction Officers Supervising Male Inmates 51-STF-05.pdf

Inmate Reception Procedures
Reception Admission Procedures 52-RCP-01.pdf
Reception Admission Procedures: Male Death Row Inmates 52-RCP-02.pdf
Reception Admission Procedures Female Death Row Inmates 52-RCP-03.pdf
Receiving/Release of Offenders From/To Transporting Agencies 52-RCP-04.pdf
DNA Sample 52-RCP-05.pdf
Reception Intake Medical Screening 52-RCP-06.pdf
Reception Center Housing Assignments 52-RCP-07.pdf
Intensive Program Prison Selection Process 52-RCP-08.pdf
Inmate Orientation 52-RCP-10.pdf

Inmate Classification
Inmate Security Classification Levels 1 Through 4 53-CLS-01.pdf
Privilege Levels 5B, 5A, 4B, 4A 53-CLS-02.pdf
Community Work Assignment Approval Process 53-CLS-03.pdf
Level 5 Classification 53-CLS-04.pdf
Inmate Separations 53-CLS-05.pdf
Level 4 at OSP 53-CLS-06.pdf
Interstate Corrections Compact 53-CLS-07.pdf
Immediate Transfers 53-CLS-08.pdf
Inmate Requested Inter-Institution Transfers 53-CLS-09.pdf

Inmate Work Assignments
Offender Program and Work Assignments 54-WRK-02.pdf
Educational Requirements for Inmate Job Assignments 54-WRK-03.pdf
Inmate Transfer Requests for OPI Environmental and Construction Jobs 54-WRK-04.pdf
Hiring Inmate Workers 54-WRK-05.pdf
Offender Work Plan 54-WRK-06.pdf

Special Management Inmate Procedures
Assignment of Inmates to Single Occupancy Cells/Rooms 55-SPC-01.pdf
Special Management Procedures 55-SPC-02.pdf
Classification/Release of Protective Control Inmates 55-SPC-03.pdf

Inmate Disciplinary Procedures
Inmate Disciplinary Process 56-DSC-01.pdf

Inmate Education
Inmate Assessment and Placement in Educational Programs 57-EDU-01.pdf
Comprehensive Education Programs 57-EDU-02.pdf
Educational Assessments 57-EDU-03.pdf
Advanced Job Training Programs 57-EDU-04.pdf
Education Employee Performance Evaluations 57-EDU-05.pdf
Apprenticeship Programs 57-EDU-07.pdf
Education Staff Credentials 57-EDU-08.pdf
Curriculum Development and Maintenance 57-EDU-09.pdf
Ohio Penal Education Consortium Fiscal Issues 57-EDU-10.pdf
Special Education 57-EDU-11.pdf
Career Technical Education Programs 57-EDU-12.pdf
High School Program 57-EDU-13.pdf
Literacy Education 57-EDU-14.pdf
Education Leave - Scope Members 57-EDU-15.pdf
OCSS Resident Educator Transition and Induction Programs 57-EDU-16.pdf

Inmate Libraries
Comprehensive Library Services 58-LIB-01.pdf
Library Personnel and Development 58-LIB-02.pdf
Selection and Acquisition of Library Materials 58-LIB-03.pdf

Inmate Legal Services
Inmate Access to Court and Counsel 59-LEG-01.pdf

Food Service Management
Vegetarian Diet Policy 60-FSM-01.pdf
Food Service Operation 60-FSM-02.pdf
Department Food Products 60-FSM-03.pdf
Alternate Meal Service 60-FSM-05.pdf
Health Protection for Staff/Inmate Food Service Workers 60-FSM-06.pdf

Inmate Property Control
Inmate Personal Property 61-PRP-01.pdf
Inmate Clothing Issue 61-PRP-02.pdf
Electricity Usage Co-Payment Program 61-PRP-03.pdf

Use of Force
Use of Force 63-UOF-01.pdf
Use of Force Report 63-UOF-02.pdf
Use of Force Investigation 63-UOF-03.pdf
Physically Immobilizing Restraints 63-UOF-04.pdf

Inmate Discrimination Issues
Protection from Harm and Inappropriate Supervision 64-DCM-01.pdf
Inmates with Disabilities 64-DCM-02.pdf
Non-Discrimination In Housing and Job Assignments 64-DCM-03.pdf

Inmate Appearance and Grooming
Inmate Hair Care 65-GRM-01.pdf

Serious Inmate Illness and Death Procedures
Medical Release 66-ILL-01.pdf
Inmate Deaths 66-ILL-02.pdf
Notification of Next-Of-Kin Inmate Illness/Injury 66-ILL-03.pdf

Mental Health Services
Mental Health Screening and Mental Health Classification 67-MNH-02.pdf
Transfer and Discharge of the Mental Health Caseload 67-MNH-04.pdf
Psychotropic Medication 67-MNH-07.pdf
Crisis Management and Suicide Prevention 67-MNH-09.pdf
Sex Offender Services 67-MNH-12.pdf
Mental Health Consultation to the Parole Board 67-MNH-14.pdf
Mental Health Treatment 67-MNH-15.pdf
Specialized Assessments and Screenings 67-MNH-16.pdf
Mental Health Services Continuous Quality Improvement 67-MNH-17.pdf
Psychiatric Hospitalization 67-MNH-19.pdf
Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities: Screening, Evaluation, Treatment and Reentry 67-MNH-22.pdf
Residential Treatment Units 67-MNH-23.pdf
Mental Health Documentation and Information Maintenance 67-MNH-24.pdf
Duty to Warn/Protect 67-MNH-26.pdf
Transfer of Offenders to the Ohio State Penitentiary 67-MNH-27.pdf
Involuntary Psychotropic Medication: Emergency and Mandated 67-MNH-29.pdf
Mental Health Assessment Activities 67-MNH-30.pdf
Mental Health Rounds in Special Management and Death Row Housing Units 67-MNH-31.pdf
Mental Health Special Observation Status 67-MNH-32.pdf

Medical Services
Medical Services 68-MED-01.pdf
Medical Environmental Issues 68-MED-03.pdf
Infectious Diseases 68-MED-04.pdf
Organ Donation 68-MED-09.pdf
Therapeutic Diets 68-MED-10.pdf
Pharmacy Services 68-MED-11.pdf
Dental Services 68-MED-12.pdf
Medical Classification 68-MED-13.pdf
Specialty Health Care Services 68-MED-14.pdf
Correctional Health Care Services Co-Payment 68-MED-15.pdf
Do-Not-Resuscitate Policy 68-MED-16.pdf
Hunger Strike 68-MED-17.pdf
Infection Control Activities 68-MED-18.pdf
Chronic Disease Management 68-MED-19.pdf
Emergency Services 68-MED-20.pdf
Infirmary Care 68-MED-21.pdf
Medical Services Continuous Quality Improvement 68-MED-22.pdf
Women's Health Management 68-MED-23.pdf
Consent to and Refusal of Medical Treatment 68-MED-24.pdf

Office of Correctional Healthcare
Commissary Purchase of OTC Medication and Health Care Items 69-OCH-02.pdf
Advanced Directives for Health Care 69-OCH-03.pdf
Legal Issues in Correctional Health Care 69-OCH-05.pdf

Recovery Services Programming
Recovery Services Programming 70-RCV-01.pdf
Management of Recovery Services Records 70-RCV-02.pdf
Inmate Drug Testing 70-RCV-03.pdf
Tobacco Cessation Program 70-RCV-04.pdf
Continuous Quality Improvement 70-RCV-05.pdf

Social Services
Recruitment, Training, and Supervision of Volunteers 71-SOC-01.pdf
Birthing Support Person 71-SOC-02.pdf
Inmate Marriages 71-SOC-03.pdf
Female Offender Programs and Services 71-SOC-04.pdf
Youthful Offender Program Management 71-SOC-05.pdf
Special Needs Inmates 71-SOC-06.pdf
Infant Property for Participants of the Mother-Infant Program 71-SOC-07.pdf
Institutional Based Social Service Programming 71-SOC-09.pdf
Annual Needs and Staffing Assessment of Social Services Programs 71-SOC-10.pdf

Religious Services Programming
Religious Services 72-REG-01.pdf
Religious Accommodations 72-REG-02.pdf
Protestant Religious Services 72-REG-03.pdf
Jehovah Witness Religious Services 72-REG-05.pdf
Jewish Religious Services 72-REG-07.pdf
Buddhist Religious Services 72-REG-08.pdf
Wiccan Religious Policy 72-REG-09.pdf
Asatru Religious Policy 72-REG-10.pdf
Roman Catholic - Orthodox Religious Services 72-REG-11.pdf
Muslim Religious Practices 72-REG-12.pdf
Native American Religious Policy 72-REG-13.pdf

Inmate Groups
Guidelines for Authorizing Supervising and Monitoring Inmate Groups and Inmate Workers 73-GRP-01.pdf

Unit Management
Accessibility of Unit Management Staff 74-UMA-01.pdf

Inmate Mail and Printed Materials
Inmate Mail 75-MAL-01.pdf
Printed Material 75-MAL-02.pdf

Inmate Visitation 76-VIS-01.pdf
Inmate Access to the Telephone 76-VIS-02.pdf
Private Funeral Viewing/Bedside Visit 76-VIS-03.pdf
Reading Room Programs 76-VIS-04.pdf
Family and Visitor Orientation 76-VIS-05.pdf

Inmate Recreation
Recreation and Leisure Time Activities 77-REC-01.pdf
Video Screening for Inmate Viewing 77-REC-02.pdf
Inmate Weight Lifting 77-REC-04.pdf
Arts and Crafts Activities 77-REC-05.pdf
Music Activities 77-REC-06.pdf

Release Preparation
Offender Transitional Release Planning 78-REL-01.pdf
Inmate Release Identification Card 78-REL-02.pdf
Inmate Minimum Release Amount 78-REL-03.pdf
Professional Contact/Correspondence With Ex-Offenders Concerning Employment/Educational Accomplishments 78-REL-04.pdf
Reentry Resource Center 78-REL-05.pdf
Offender Release Policy 78-REL-06.pdf
Risk Reduction Sentencing Monitoring and Release 78-REL-07.pdf
80% Court Release 78-REL-08.pdf

Inmate Sexual Assaults
Prison Rape Elimination 79-ISA-01.pdf
Prison Sexual Misconduct Reporting, Response, Investigation, and Prevention of Retaliation 79-ISA-02.pdf
Sexual Abuse Response Team 79-ISA-03.pdf
PREA Risk Assessment and Accommodation Strategies 79-ISA-04.pdf
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGTBI) Policy 79-ISA-05.pdf

Offender Incentive Opportunities
Offender Performance Merit System 80-INC-01.pdf
Earned Credit for Productive Program Participation 80-INC-02.pdf

Adult Parole Authority
APA Evidence and Contraband 100-APA-01.pdf
APA Vehicular Pursuit 100-APA-02.pdf
APA Workload Formula 100-APA-03.pdf
APA Administrative Review of Parole/Post Release Control Cases 100-APA-04.pdf
APA Search and Arrest Procedures 100-APA-05.pdf
Financial Obligation of Offenders 100-APA-06.pdf
Offender Travel Permits 100-APA-07.pdf
Slate Checks 100-APA-08.pdf
APA Conditions of Supervision 100-APA-09.pdf
APA Probation Community Control Violation and Supplement Reports 100-APA-10.pdf
APA Offender Classification 100-APA-13.pdf
Sanctions for Violations of Conditions of Supervision 100-APA-14.pdf
APA Initial Interview with the Offender 100-APA-15.pdf
APA Termination Recommendation 100-APA-16.pdf
Offender Grievance Procedure 100-APA-17.pdf
Monitored Time 100-APA-19.pdf
APA Offender Transfers 100-APA-21.pdf
APA Field Officer Tablet and File Policy 100-APA-23.pdf
APA Violation Report 100-APA-24.pdf
Determination of Lost Time 100-APA-27.pdf
Offender Transportation 100-APA-28.pdf
Special Assignment 100-APA-29.pdf
Equitable Sharing of Federally Forfeited Property 100-APA-30.pdf
DPCS Leadership and Direction 100-APA-31.pdf
APA Transitional Control and Treatment Transfer Supervision 100-APA-32.pdf

Reentry Supervision Release Process 101-PLA-01.pdf

APA Fugitive Apprehension 102-FUG-01.pdf
Violator At Large 102-FUG-02.pdf
APA Cooperation with Law Enforcement 102-FUG-03.pdf
Absconding From Probation or Community Control 102-FUG-04.pdf

Special Services
Interstate Compact for Probation and Parole 103-SPS-01.pdf
Sex Offender Supervision 103-SPS-02.pdf
DPCS Offender Services Needs and Programming 103-SPS-03.pdf
Substance Abuse Testing 103-SPS-07.pdf

Training and Weapons
APA Firearms Policy 104-TAW-01.pdf
APA Use of Force 104-TAW-02.pdf
OPCS OC(Pepper Gas) Spray in Use of Force Continuum 104-TAW-03.pdf
APA Equipment 104-TAW-04.pdf

Parole Board
Death Penalty Clemency Procedure 105-PBD-01.pdf
Kellogg Hearings 105-PBD-02.pdf
Parole Board Release Processes 105-PBD-03.pdf
Request for Reconsideration and Amendments to Parole Board Actions 105-PBD-04.pdf
Clemency Procedure Non-Death Penalty Cases 105-PBD-05.pdf
Full Board Hearing 105-PBD-06.pdf
Post Release Control Screening and Assessment 105-PBD-08.pdf
Sexually Violent Predators 105-PBD-11.pdf
Statutory Notice 105-PBD-13.pdf

Community Services
Construction/Renovation Review and Approval Process for Halfway Houses
and Community-Based Correctional Facilities

Adult Detention
Inspections of Ohio Jails 107-BAD-01.pdf
Enforcement Process for Life Safety Concerns in Ohio Jails 107-BAD-02.pdf
Variance Process for Ohio Minimum Jail Standards 107-BAD-05.pdf
Bureau of Adult Detention Oversight of Jail Operations 107-BAD-06.pdf
BAD Construction/Renovation Plans Review and Approval for Local Jails 107-BAD-07.pdf

APA/BCS Partnerships
Transitional Control Supervision 108-ABC-01.pdf
Electronic Monitoring and Global Positioning Systems 108-ABC-04.pdf
Transitional Control Screening 108-ABC-05.pdf