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March 19, 2014

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The Department of Rehabilitation & Correction
Rolls Out Smart Ohio Plan

Columbus, Ohio - The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction (DRC) has committed to reallocating up to $10 million dollars in support of the Smart Ohio Plan, a funding model developed to increase community corrections alternatives to prison.  The Smart Ohio Plan provided all Ohio counties the opportunity to submit a Statement of Interest in an effort to qualify for additional funds to support their community prison diversion programs.

Interested counties were able to choose between three different funding models:  1) the Probation Service Model supplements the costs of supervision and treatment as long as there is no prison commitment; 2) the Treatment Service Model increases resources for community treatment; and 3) the Targeted Diversion Model encourages the increased use of community alternative sanctions for non-violent F4 and F5 offenders by offering potential reimbursement of $5,500 per targeted offender diverted from prison. 

“The Smart Ohio Plan will help communities with their prison diversion and community corrections efforts,” stated DRC Director Gary C. Mohr.  “Together we are identifying necessary resources to provide appropriate sentencing alternatives to prison and for those who are sent to prison, aiming to prepare those offenders for life after prison and help them become a productive member of society.  It is a matter of treating people differently by keeping non-compliant, dangerous offenders in secure settings while supporting the successful transition of those committed to turning their lives around.”

To date, all twenty-nine counties that submitted a Statement of Interest have been awarded a Smart Ohio Funding Pilot grant. Counties will receive quarterly disbursements based upon the type of funding model awarded and reported progress data provided to DRC.  The funding models will run through Fiscal Year 2015 and will be evaluated to determine their effectiveness in providing alternatives to prison commitments.

The Smart Ohio funding summary is attached