Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


April 9, 1998

Director Officially Opens Ohio State Penitentiary

(Youngstown)--Reginald A. Wilkinson, Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC), today officially opened the Ohio State Penitentiary (OSP) in Youngstown.

"This prison will be Ohio's most secure correctional facility.  The OSP is a minimum-privilege and maximum-control facility that will house the state's worst offenders.  OSP was created to serve as punishment for prisoners who are dangerous and disruptive," said Director Wilkinson.

The average day for a prisoner at OSP will consist of 23 hours of single-celled housing, and one hour for individual out-of-cell recreation time.  Inmate programming such as substance abuse education, vocational education, and religious services will be offered via closed-circuit monitor located in each cell.

An adjacent minimum security camp, designed to house 180 work cadre inmates, will maintain the 230-acre site and provide community service support to the surrounding neighborhoods.  Minimum security inmates from the camp will be involved in activities such as cleaning up litter on Ohio's roadways, building dugouts for parks, and other supervised projects.  When fully operational, the $65 million prison will employ 465 staff and have an annual budget of $26 million.

This state-of-the-art facility was designed as a three-building complex:  a 500-bed maximum security prison; a 180-bed minimum security camp; and a combination warehouse, central heating plant, maintenance area, and automotive garage.


For more information, please contact the DRC Public Information Office at 614-752-1150.