Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


AUGUST 1, 1996


(Columbus) -- Governor George V. Voinovich today recognized prosecutors from around the state who assisted in the prosecution of the inmates involved in the 1993 Southern Ohio Correctional Facility riot. The team of prosecutors was lead by Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier, Assistant County Prosecutor from Hamilton County. There were 20 prosecutors who handled 25 trials which resulted in 47 convictions including five death sentences and two acquittals. Six counties hosted the trials and partnerships were formed between the Ohio Highway Patrol, the special prosecutors, sheriffs, courts, and the Department of Correction.

"Thanks to the heroic effort of the special prosecution team those inmates were held accountable and justice was served," said Voinovich.

Governor Voinovich and Director Wilkinson presented the prosecutors with letters of recognition. "Through your leadership and vigilant work, we were able to secure swift and sure convictions of the rioters," Wilkinson stated.

Prosecutors honored include: (Hamilton County) Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier, William Anderson, Steve Martin, William Breyer, Steve Tolbert, Claude Crowe, Seth Tieger, Rick Gibson, Gerry Krumpelbeck, Tom Longano. (Franklin County) Jim Canepa, Dennis Hogan, Doug Stead, Dan Hogan, Robert Krapenc. (Clark County) Darnell E. Carter, David E. Smith. (Butler County) Robin Piper. (Clermont County) Daniel Breyer. (Warren County) Jim Beaton.

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