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JULY 9, 1997


(Cleveland) -- Governor George V. Voinovich hosted an educational seminar on July 9, 1997, to inform and educate business and community leaders from the Cleveland area about the benefits of hiring the ex-offender. He was joined by Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) Assistant Director Thomas J. Stickrath and a host of other DRC staff, Ohio Prison Fellowship, and Forest City Management staff, who were co-sponsors of the event.

The seminar took place at the Tower City Center in Cleveland. DRC, working in partnership with the Ohio Prison Fellowship and Forest City Management, presented the seminar in an effort to inform potential employers about the advantages of hiring ex-offenders. Several business managers spoke about their positive experiences with employing ex-offenders.

"There are approximately 20,000 men and women released from our prison system annually, most of whom need gainful employment. Many inmates have shown a willingness to turn their lives around by participating in and completing educational and vocational programming," stated Governor Voinovich. "The next step is for business leaders to take up the challenge and make a commitment to helping these people become productive citizens."

Over fifty businesses have participated in 17 DRC sponsored job fairs at 12 prisons. The job fairs, in conjunction with the education and vocational components, provide offenders with the skills they will need for employment. The seminar in Cleveland was the first, with other seminars being planned for future dates.

For further information, please contact the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Public Information Office at 614-752-1150.

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