Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


JUNE 28, 1996


(Columbus) -- Governor George V. Voinovich today announced the city of Conneaut, in Ashtabula County, as the site of Ohio's first privately operated prison. The $35 million medium security facility will be built by the state and operated by a private company. The prison was funded in the 1997-98 capital bill recently signed into law by the Governor.

"I'm pleased that this new prison will bring 375 recession-proof jobs to this area," said Governor Voinovich. "Director Wilkinson and I believe the Conneaut site is an excellent location for Ohio's first privately run prison."

Conneaut first offered the site in 1994 when the state was looking for land on which to build an administrative maximum security prison. That prison, however, was placed near Youngstown.

"We are impressed with the site and the enthusiasm of the community to have a prison in Conneaut," said Department of Rehabilitation and Correction's Director Reginald Wilkinson. "Both construction jobs and permanent jobs created by the prison will give a boost to the economy of Conneaut and the surrounding area."

The prison will house approximately 1,000 of Ohio's medium security felons. Construction is scheduled to begin in March of 1997 with completion late in 1998. As with any proposed prison site, acceptance of the site is conditional on a clear environmental evaluation.

For further information please contact Joe Andrews, Public Information Officer for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, at 614-752-1150.