Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


APRIL 14, 1997


(Columbus)---The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) announced today that it will build a prison in Grafton to house felony DUI offenders. The prison will be built on the grounds of the Grafton/Lorain Correctional Complex on South Avon-Belden Road.

Senate Bill 166 became effective in October making a fourth DUI conviction a felony with sanctions of half-way house, jail, or community-based correctional facility placement. A fifth DUI conviction is punishable by a 60 day, or 6 to 18 month sentence in prison. Correction officials have estimated that 500 fifth time offenders will be incarcerated by October of 1998.

"The new DUI facility will have a strong emphasis on community service," said DRC Director Reginald Wilkinson. "We will expect each of the prisoners to perform some sort of work for the community just as they do in each of our 29 prisons. There will also be a comprehensive assessment of each prisoner for alcohol and other drugs. The results of the assessment will assist staff in the development of individualized interdiction programming," Wilkinson said.

In an effort to minimize construction costs, a DRC prototype design will be used. Construction cost is estimated at between five and six million dollars and will be funded by Federal Violent Crime Act funds. The facility slated for completion in the spring of 1999, will employ between 80 and 90 staff.

For further information please contact Joe Andrews, DRC Public Information Officer, at 614-752-1150.

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