Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction


JANUARY 31, 1997


(Columbus) -- Noting that the 1998/99 Fiscal Year budget request for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) exceeds one billion dollars per year, DRC Director Reginald A. Wilkinson and Office of Budget and Management Director Greg Browning met with reporters today to explain the budget and the department's efforts to keep costs down.

"We've been good stewards of the taxpayer's dollars," said Wilkinson. "We haven't sat idly by as our prison and parole populations went through the roof. We've testified to the legislature about the impact of each and every proposed sentencing law. We've pushed hard for community-based punishments, and we've got them. The rate of people coming to prison is actually declining. Balancing that is the fact that violent and repeat offenders are staying in longer - as they should."

Among the points outlined were:

Wilkinson added that the department is known for holding the line on spending without jeopardizing security or reducing adequate care and treatment programs.

"We would all rather see this money appropriated to schools and other deserving agencies," said Wilkinson. "But the fact is we have 46,000 prisoners and 27,000 individuals on the street who we absolutely must supervise in an effective and safe manner. Our safety, and yours, depends on the tools we're given to do our job."

For further information, please contact the DRC Office of Public Information Office at 614-752-1150.

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