Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction



Ohio’s Prison System Selected as One of Two Sites for
Landmark Offender Reentry Study

(Columbus)--- Nationwide, approximately 600,000 individuals are released from state and federal prisons yearly, roughly 1,600 inmates per day.  In Ohio, like elsewhere, a sizeable number of offenders are returning to communities after served their time.  How well they are prepared to make the transition from prison carries important consequences for public safety. 

The Urban Institute, a non-profit policy research organization located in Washington, D.C., recently announced that it has selected the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (DRC) as one of two state prison systems to participate in a multi-year study to be conducted on offender reentry.  Illinois is the other participating state however in the future other states will be selected. The Urban Institute has earmarked January 2002 to begin work in Ohio.

 This landmark project will focus on the return of prisoners to communities in Ohio and will examine what factors may contribute their transition home.  Under the auspices of the Urban Institute, researchers will interview soon-to-be-released prisoners while they are in prison and again at three points in the year following their release.  Family members and community members will be interviewed as well.

 Director Reginald A. Wilkinson stated, “The issue of offender reentry is generating enormous interest throughout the country. Within our Department, a major reentry initiative is underway.  This plan will produce system-wide changes in how we manage offenders’ reintegration efforts.  The study by the Urban Institute will greatly assist our efforts in this area given its unique and comprehensive focus.”

 For further information please contact the DRC Public information Office at (614) 752-1150.