Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction  Parole Violators at Large

The following individuals are wanted by the Adult Parole Authority for violating the conditions of their supervision.  These individuals should be considered dangerous and possibly armed.  Do NOT attempt to apprehend one of these individuals.  Call your local law enforcement agency or 911.  Law enforcement personnel must verify the warrant with LEADS/NCIC prior to arresting.  If you would like to relay any information concerning an individual on this page, you may contact a fugitive coordinator by e-mail Fugitive.Val@odrc.state.oh.us or contact the fugitive section at 614-752-1114.  All information received will be kept confidential.

Check the "Most Wanted" page for information on the Department's prison escapees or "walkaways."
 Current Letter: N
Records Listed: 15  
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Photo *NameNumberDOBDeclared Violator at Large DateOffenses
Offender Photo NAEGLE, AMANDA W08869808/26/198801/12/2017THEFT, ESCAPE
Offender Photo NAGLE, DENNIS RA56387005/06/196603/09/2010ATTEMPTED GSI, NOTICE-CHANGE OF ADDRESS
Offender Photo NEEDHAM II, DANNY CA60560202/26/198612/28/2016BURGLARY, INDUCE PANIC, RSP, THEFT, RSP, RSP
Offender Photo NETTLE, MAYNARD WA43298604/13/196111/17/2014VOL MANSLAUGHTER, KIDNAPPING
Offender Photo NEVAREZ, DAVID A64488511/21/199402/16/2017ROBBERY, THEFT
Offender Photo NEWMAN, CHAD AA66014905/08/198302/10/2017ENDANGER CHILD
Offender Photo NEWTON, JASON MA35138402/16/197401/18/2017AGG BURGLARY, RAPE
Offender Photo NICKELL, SARAH W09377111/10/199112/21/2016POSS. OF DRUGS
Offender Photo NICOLIA, GARY WA72052204/29/199412/12/2016RSP, WEAPON UNDER DISABILITY
Offender Photo NORDHEIM, DANIEL JA68709405/29/197501/15/2016TRAFFIC FOOD STAMPS, FAIL TO APPEAR
Offender Photo NORMAN, EDDIE A63025711/11/197707/20/2016GSI
Offender Photo NORTH, BURNETT A63785801/21/197211/02/2015BURGLARY, ROBBERY
Offender Photo NORTH, FERNANDO A56642801/18/196602/24/2016BURGLARY
Offender Photo NUNEZ, ANTHONY A70534009/20/199512/30/2016AGG ROBBERY
* Generally, photos are not available for inmates released prior to 1998.

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