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Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction OCSS - Goose Hill Branch

The Goose Hill Branch teaching staff located at the Toledo Correctional Institution


Toledo Correctional Institution

2001 East Central Avenue

Toledo, Ohio 43608


(419) 726-7977



The Goose Hill Branch is located on the grounds of the Toledo Correctional Institution (ToCI).  The institution serves over 1500 minimum, medium, close and maximum security inmates.  The ToCI Goose Hill Branch is proud to commit to the following educational programs:

Academic Programs:

  • Adult Basic Education
  • Advanced Job Training
  • Pre-GED
  • GED

Career/Technical (vocational) Programs:

  • Administrative Office Technology
  • Electronics/Computer Repair

Apprenticeship Programs:

  • Plumbing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Animal Trainer


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The Toledo Correctional Institution happily welcomed Trinity Lescallett into our educational family this year.  Trinity joined us as an academic teacher, which doubled the academic teaching staff!  Trinity had previously worked at the Department of Youth Services in Marion, Ohio, and she has a master’s degree in Library Science.  She was also the recipient of the Beverly Jo Taylor Scholarship at the 2010 CEA-O Conference.  With Trinity now on board, the Goose Hill Branch has been able to double the amount of students ToCI is able to serve.   

In addition to the academic programs offered, the ToCI Goose Hill Branch has two Career-Technical programs, Administrative Office Technology, Electronics/Computer Repair and their corresponding Career Enhancement modules.  The Goose Hill Branch also offers three apprenticeship programs, Plumbing, Quality Assurance and Animal Trainer.  The ToCI plumbing apprentices were able to receive their Journeyman’s license from the City of Toledo, which will be a wonderful benefit when they are released.  The animal trainer apprenticeship program has successfully trained and placed 23 dogs as either assistance dogs or therapy dogs with ToCI partner Assistance Dogs of America, Inc.